Big Sky Pomskies Montana

Big Sky Pomskies

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A True Pomsky

The love of a dog is a pure thing.

They give you a trust which is total.

Love them and they will love you back.


Current Litters

Future Litters

Arrival Date:

January 1, 2001





F3/F4 Pomskies . Plush and Wooly Coats

These two had such an amazing litter that we will do it again.
If you want FLUFFY, SMALL, PICTURE PERFECT Pomskies here you go!
Expexted 8-19lbs.
All Woolies.
Past litters produced full husky markings, and some beautiful blue eyes.
Pet Prices: $2500-$4500
Full Breeding Rights: Extra $1000 to an approved breeder.
If you want to join our Waiting List please reach out.